Equipment manufacturers are scrambling to find the perfect fit for their gear, with a growing number of products featuring sleek, high-quality designs.

But a recent study has highlighted a growing problem with some of the most popular fitness equipment designs, which are not being made to fit properly.

In addition to design flaws, the study found many of the items used by people on Earth are made of plastic, which can cause problems for the environment.

“I have to tell you, there’s a huge gap between the quality of the materials that are being used in the products and the materials used by the consumers,” said Mike McNeill, founder of Planet Fitness.

“And we have to work really hard to fill that gap.”

Planet Fitness manufactures products for health clubs and fitness centers across the United States and in Canada, including a number of gear items.

Many of these products are made in China and are often made to look cheap and flashy.

“The brands that are in the top 10, the brands that have a high-profile brand presence, the ones that have big name brands like Nike, Adidas and others, are the ones with the most problems with this type of material,” McNeill said.

“The people who are putting these products out there are going to make them look good.

They’re going to think they look good and that will help them sell their products.”

Planet is also a major supplier of fitness equipment to the military and government agencies.

But it is facing a challenge in getting the materials it uses to meet its production requirements to meet the growing demand for its products.

Planet Fitness and others are trying to solve this problem by using recycled materials.

However, the material used to make these products is typically plastic, and Planet’s research shows that these materials are more prone to breakage and to corrosion, which is a major problem for many of these fitness equipment items.

“We’re really working to get as much of this plastic out of the production of these items,” McNeil said.

McNeill said Planet Fitness was working with other manufacturers to develop new designs for these products.

The company is also working with health clubs to develop and test new fitness equipment for them, and it has created a “Fit for Life” program to teach people how to use it.

This new product design also poses a challenge for the companies that are using the materials to make the products.

“This new material, it’s going to have a higher temperature than other materials and it’s also going to be easier to break down,” McLean said.

But Planet Fitness also said its competitors were using the same material, and the companies could learn from each other’s products.

“If we could get the same materials that we’re using to make some of these other products that are used by a lot of different people, we could learn something from each one,” Mclean said.

He also said that while the material has been tested in the lab, the companies are still learning the science behind how it works.

“This is a very complex process, and we’re not really sure if we’re doing things right,” he said.

Planet has created this video to educate consumers about its product, which also has the “Fit” logo on it.

The video features a variety of products that have the Planet logo on them, including Planet Fitness shoes and Planet fitness apparel.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did not immediately return a request for comment.

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