Get ready to get out of your car if you’re planning to get a dog out. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, dogs are capable of driving in some circumstances, and they can drive safely in the dark if you have a safety belt. 

If you’re getting a dog, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you get in. 1.

Safety beltThe safety belt is important.

I’m a huge fan of the belt in my dog. 

It makes it a lot easier to pull the dog out the back of the vehicle when we’re not in a hurry and also prevents the dog from going through the back door when we don’t want to. 

You can also put your dog in a harness to make it more comfortable. 


Pet owners should use their own pet harnessIf you’ve got your own dog and you’re looking for tips on getting out of a car, here’s a list of things to consider. 

The key to a successful driving trip is a good balance between having the dog and the vehicle, but there are also plenty of safety considerations to consider when it comes to your dog. 


The dog should be out of sight of the roadYou’ll be more likely to see your dog if it’s in a dark location or if you can’t see the car, which is why it’s important to have a blind spot in your car. 

Your dog’s instincts tell it that it should stay out of reach if you are at the wheel. 


The road should be clear of trafficWhen you are driving, your dog’s instinct will tell you to stay in your lane, but in some situations it might be better to let your dog run free. 

Traffic is often a blur when you’re driving and you’ll want to keep your eyes on the road. 


Dogs must be out on a leashThe law in most countries allows you to have your dog on a loose leash for short periods of time, but not if you’ve had your dog for more than a few days. 

There’s also no rule that says a dog must be on a chain when driving. 


A dog should never be in the vehicleThere are many things you can do to make sure your dog is out of its vehicle in a safe manner. 

For example, don’t drive it too close to your car or close to other vehicles, keep the dog away from children and pets and, if you choose to keep it on a dog leash, make sure the leash is at least one metre (2 feet) long. 


Keep a dog on the leashThe key is to ensure that your dog can’t be distracted or startled by other dogs and other vehicles. 

A dog that is too close can easily become distracted and could be at risk of being run over or hit by a car. 


If you’re leaving the vehicle to pick up a dog that’s outside, you should put it in a crateIf you have to leave your dog outside for pick-up, you can either put the dog in your own pet carrier or put it on the floor of the garage. 


Don’t let your dogs out on the streetIf you can, you don’t have to let dogs out alone.

You can let your friends have their dogs out with them or bring your own if you want to have the dogs outside at all times. 


Never leave a dog unattended in the carWhen you’re in a car or on a busy road, your chances of being distracted by other people are high. 

Do you want your dog to be distracted? 

How do you keep it safe in a busy vehicle? 

Do your neighbours have a problem with your dog? 

Leave a comment below or head over to the comments section below. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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