A Fitness Equipment store owner in Virginia was arrested this week for threatening to shoot people who owned a gun in a local gym.

The owner, Jason Gettleson, 28, has pleaded not guilty to one count of menacing, according to the Loudoun County Police Department.

The case was first reported by The Loudoun Times.

Gettlson is a fitness equipment store owner who had an online presence that encouraged customers to carry firearms.

He also has a long history of being involved in violence against women.

He has been arrested multiple times and was accused of threatening to kill his wife and a woman he allegedly tried to rape.

In May, Gettllons wife was allegedly killed in an attack in her home.

In September, he was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill the wife of a woman who accused him of domestic abuse.

In November, Gellleson allegedly threatened his girlfriend, saying she would be next.

On Monday, police arrested Gettlons wife and two other women for allegedly threatening to attack a police officer, according the Times.

On Tuesday, Geller was charged with two counts of menacing and two counts each of harassment, assault and criminal trespass.

Geller is also accused of making threats against other residents of the neighborhood.

In February, Golleson and his wife were both arrested on charges of criminal trespass after police say he allegedly yelled racial slurs at a man at a local pool.

According to police, the woman said Geller threatened to “shoot him in the head” and she also told officers that Geller would “kill [her] children.”

Gollers wife is also facing felony harassment charges after he reportedly yelled racial epithets at her during a recent visit to the home.


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