A series of disturbing videos has been found circulating in workplaces across Canada.

The videos are posted to YouTube and the video sharing platform Vimeo and feature a woman in a skimpy bikini.

Some of the videos are in black and white, while others are in colour.

One of the women is wearing a skimmy bra and shorts.

The CBC has been told the videos, which appear to have been posted in recent weeks, feature a man in a similar outfit.

CBC reporter Mike Le Couteur says it is not clear whether the videos were created by the same person or if they are being shared with colleagues.

The woman appears to be in her early 20s.

Le Condeur says some of the images were filmed by two people and shared on social media, including a man who posted one of the “shocking” videos on his own Facebook page.

LeCondeur said he has spoken to a number of people in the company and they all described the women as “nice and professional.”

They say they are surprised and disgusted by the videos.

LeCTV is reporting that at least one of those women is also in her late 20s and has worked for the company for more than 20 years.

The company is not disclosing how many employees the woman has worked with, but says it has “zero tolerance” for sexual harassment.

LeCCO has also removed more than 100 videos that it says were created with the express purpose of harassing employees.

The organization has said the videos have been taken down because they were not appropriate for work settings.

Le Condeurs report was first reported by CBC’s Global Affairs reporter, and LeCTV has been reporting on the videos since the first report on Oct. 10.

The videos feature women wearing skimpy swimsuits, as well as people in short-sleeved tops and shorts in the nude.

The men can be seen in the background, wearing jackets, sunglasses and some masks.

One video features a woman who looks like she is about 20, wearing a “skimpy” bikini, which is a skim-like bikini, and sitting on a sofa in a “sexy” room, while a man sits on the other side of the couch.

The video shows her legs, thighs and back are spread out, with her hands and feet spread apart.

A second video features two men wearing similar outfits, sitting on the couch, and two women standing next to the couch while another man walks around her.

Two of the men are dressed in “traditional” black clothing, while the other is wearing black jeans and a white shirt.

The man sitting next to her appears to use a mask and has a pair of glasses on.

Le CCO says the video has been taken offline, but not because it was inappropriate.

It says the company has been making efforts to improve its work environment.

More from CBC.ca:Women report being harassed online after ‘shocked’ videos appearedIn October, CBC’s The National reported that the Canadian Media Guild was investigating whether CBC was using its position as a broadcaster to advance a political agenda.

The guild has since suspended CBC, and it says it will not return to work until it has completed its investigation.CBC says the guild has asked the CBC to identify any employees who may have been involved in the production of the video.CBC is investigating the allegations.

The corporation said it has asked staff to provide any information they may have on the subject.CBC’s chief human resources officer, Paul MacLellan, has been asked to investigate the allegations and ensure that they are handled appropriately.

CBC has also asked the union to suspend the CBC until it finishes its investigation and completes its investigation into the videos and takes corrective action.


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