A neurosurgeon who had a traumatic brain injury suffered severe damage to his hearing when he was in a noisy, noisy, high-risk area of his brain, an Indian medical journal has reported.

The article published in the Indian Journal of Neurosurgery, said the neurologist, who was discharged from a US hospital in 2016, was told by his doctor that his hearing was “shaky and distorted” and that the patient’s vision was “bad”.

The article was published in February 2018, when Dr Gautam Dixit was undergoing surgery to repair the damage caused by a ruptured blood vessel.

In the surgery, doctors were able to repair his damaged brain, but the damage to Dr Dixits hearing caused by the trauma was so severe that he was unable to understand the instructions that his doctor gave him during the operation.

In October 2018, Dr Duxit told his doctor, Dr Ravi Mohan, who had been working with him for two years, that his left ear was “so sore, it hurt.”

“When I was in the operating room, my doctor said to me, ‘If you don’t stop the operation, you are going to die,'” he told CNN.

“I said, ‘It’s my right ear.

I can’t stop my right hand from ringing off my ear,'” he said.

Dr DixIT was admitted to the hospital after he suffered a stroke.

Dr Mohan did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment.

Dr Mahan, the surgeon who performed the operation that saved Dr Dussit’s hearing, is now a professor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

“The trauma from the stroke was not the reason for my hearing loss.

It was just that my brain was damaged,” Dr Mahan told CNN in an email.

He told CNN that he did not feel comfortable telling his wife about his condition.

“My wife would say, ‘Don’t tell your friends and family.

Don’t tell anyone,'” he added.”

In retrospect, it would have been better if I had not told them at all.

I think I could have made a difference.

I would have saved his life.”

Dr Mahas doctor who did not want to be identified told CNN he had not sought out a lawyer and was unable, as a doctor, to provide legal advice for his patient.

“He (Dr Dussitt) had to live with that for a while, which is a lot of stress,” he said, adding that Dr Mahans doctor did not think the procedure would have made much difference.

Dr Nair, a hearing specialist, told CNN the injury to Dr Mahas brain was severe.

He said it was “a major shock” for the hearing specialist who had to perform the surgery.

“If you are an advanced surgeon, the most important thing is to do everything as safely as possible, even if you have to do it with extreme caution.

If you don`t, you`ll just get injured again,” Dr Nair said.


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