The state of Georgia has set up a safe and secure brewing equipment program for home brewers.

Georgia Brewing has teamed up with Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia to provide safety training for its home brewers, who can also use the training in restaurants, breweries, bars and retail establishments.

The training program, known as Home Brew Certification, is designed to help home brewers increase their safety and reduce their chances of injury during brewing.

Georgia Tech’s Dr. Brian Wills is the head of the state’s home brewing program.

He said the training helps brewers “get a feel for what the rules of brewing are and understand that you can do everything they ask you to do,” but that it is “not the end of the world if you do something wrong.”

Wills said that the training is a way to teach people “that the beer they are brewing is not safe.”

He said a home brewer should never put their safety at risk while brewing.

In addition to home brewing, Georgia is also training its bartenders and servers on safety.

Georgia Beer Bars and Restaurants, which also hosts home brewing events, is offering a $500 “Beer Safety Education Fund” for its bartending, server, and beer service students.

The fund will be awarded through the state Department of Agriculture’s Office of Student Services.

The Beer Safety Education fund is designed as a “soft financial support to help students get ready to serve beer at home, and as a way for them to prepare for future brewing jobs,” said Jennifer O’Brien, the Georgia Department of Health’s senior vice president of human resources.

The program will be administered by the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, a nonprofit association of more than 400 craft brewers and beer drinkers.

The guild says it is looking for people to volunteer to take the training classes.


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