A new Israeli power grid built to protect and revive the country’s economy is on track to save thousands of lives, with the first phase of the new power lines to be installed in Israel’s capital city of Tel Aviv.

The new power system, which was built by a consortium of utilities in cooperation with private companies, will provide nearly 4,000 homes with electricity in the first two months of 2018, a project that was hailed as a success by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli public has been urged to keep an eye on the system and donate to its construction.

“This project has proven that the system can be built and operated with zero impact on the environment and the economy,” a statement released by the ministry of water and energy said.

“The system will bring benefits to Israel’s citizens and our environment and will be an integral part of our energy transition,” it added.

Israel’s Ministry of the Environment and the Israel Electric Corporation announced the new solar power lines in October, a few months after the construction of the first power lines and before the election of Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition government.

“The electricity network is a vital element of Israel’s energy future,” the statement said.

“Israel has one of the highest renewable energy rates in the world, with renewable energy generating about 10 percent of our electricity.

The country will need to expand the network in the coming years and is committed to this vision,” said Israel Electric Corp. CEO Gadi Katz.”

As a leading company, we understand that this investment is important to the Israeli economy and is a priority for the government and our partners,” Katz said.

The new power networks will include solar and wind turbines, along with a large transmission line that will be built by the national energy authority, Israel Solar.

The system, called the “Aryan Way,” will be used to distribute electricity from large renewable energy projects to the grid, with a capacity of up to 40 gigawatts.

The first phase will see the construction and operation of solar panels on a large number of solar-powered homes, which will provide power to about 2,000 households.

The power lines will also provide power for a large swath of rural areas, where many Israelis live.

“I will be working with my partners to ensure that they are working with me to ensure a safe, efficient and affordable power system,” Netanyahu said during a visit to a wind farm.

Netanyahu said the new system will allow the country to “make the transition from a nuclear-powered economy to a renewable-energy economy.”

“It is a new era for Israel, which is beginning a transition to a sustainable and sustainable energy future.

This is a crucial transition for the country,” he said.

Israel has been relying heavily on its renewable energy industry since the end of the nuclear era in 2000, but the country has struggled with shortages in its electricity supply.


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