Amazon exercises its control of fitness equipment, the gyms, and the equipment rental market in the U.S. as the retailer prepares to launch a series of products designed to improve the physical performance of its customers.

The company, which has been in the gym business for a few years, said on Tuesday that it would make a series.

The first of those products is a “greatly improved” version of the Amazon Fitness Gym Equipment, which it says will be a “powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use alternative” to a gym membership.

The fitness equipment is made by Kibble Equipment and is available for $149, Amazon said.

It will be available in “the Amazon Fitness Center, Amazon Fitness Bar, and Amazon Fitness Zone,” and will be offered for $89.95 a month.

Amazon said the new product, which is not yet available in the United States, will be made available in January, “at a price point that will be affordable for everyone.”

The company is making the fitness equipment “at an affordable price point, making it a great way to improve your fitness.”

Amazon’s product manager, Jeff Stahl, said the company is “building on our reputation as a leader in providing the highest quality fitness equipment.”

The Amazon Fitness Equipment will not be available on Amazon Prime Video.

It is “a great way for Amazon to make a splash with our customers,” Stahl said.

Amazon said that it is offering a free two-week trial of the new fitness equipment.

The company has been offering the product for a limited time in the past, but has not offered it since May.

The new fitness gear, which Amazon says has a “comfortable, low-profile design,” will include a variety of sensors that will track your movements, according to the company.

Amazon will not disclose the exact number of sensors the fitness kit will include, but said it will include 10 in total.

The product will include three sensors that track the distance of your hand, distance of the barbell, and number of repetitions you complete, according the company’s website.

Amazon has said it plans to offer a “new range of fitness accessories” starting with a range of stationary exercise equipment and a range that will include stationary activity-tracking devices.


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