A major Ontario industrial equipment maker is using its new ‘supercomputer’ to “track” workers, search for them and place them in the homes of their employers, according to an investigation by the CBC.

Industrial Equipment Canada says the system will be used to track and find the most important people in a company, such as executives or employees, and track their activities for weeks or months at a time.

It’s designed to provide a centralized, permanent, and transparent record of employees and contractors, and will also allow the company to track who has access to the company’s servers and how they manage the system.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, an employee said the company was using a new supercomputer at its Oshawa facility.

The technology has already been used by some major corporations, such a Wal-Mart, but the new version is more secure.

The employee said it’s “pretty advanced” and the company is now working with the police to “get the most of it.”

The employee also said the system has a system that “gives you an IP address for every employee and the last person who was there,” a reference to a person who has the power to get access to a computer.

“If they’re in your house and you’re not in the house, you’re on the system,” the employee said.

“It’s a very, very secure system.”

A spokesperson for the Ontario government told the CBC that the government “has no knowledge” of the use of the supercomputer by Industrial Equipment, which was incorporated in April.

Industrial Enterprises was incorporated as an Ontario company, but was not required to register with the government.

Industrial Electronics Canada was incorporated last year, according the company website, and its website says it was formed “in order to provide an integrated platform for the development of the industry’s industrial electronics.”

The spokesperson said the new system “has been developed as a fully integrated system” and that it “provides the capability to monitor the health of a system, which can provide timely data and insights.”

Industry leaders and privacy advocates have been alarmed by the new super computer.

In a statement issued to the CBC, John Howard, president of the Canadian Privacy Foundation, called the technology “potentially very intrusive” and said it could “violate” the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The use of super computers for data collection is common, as are the ways in which companies use them.

In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law in Florida that required businesses to obtain permission from customers before collecting data on customers, and in 2015, a federal court in Georgia found that a computer system that tracked customers by tracking their IP addresses and phone numbers had violated privacy.

A 2016 study from the University of British Columbia found that the use and storage of “supercomputers” was on the rise.

Some privacy experts have argued that a supercomputer is an essential tool in a modern, interconnected world.

But, some privacy advocates say it’s difficult to determine what information is being collected by supercomputers, since they often have a limited capacity and are only accessible to certain groups.

Industrial Equipment Canada, which has not yet responded to CBC requests for comment, has a long history of using supercomputing, and the Canadian Information Technology Institute says it has “a long track record of developing systems to track, gather and analyze information in real time.”

The system has been built by a private company in Ontario and uses “unique computer technology,” said a spokesperson for Industrial Equipment.

In its statement, the company said that it was “using a super computer” and added that “it will allow us to track people across a company or industry and to provide the best information possible.”

“We’re very excited about this new technology,” the spokesperson said.

An internal email sent by the spokesperson to employees last year said that “super computers can be a great tool for keeping tabs on your customers, keeping tabs at home, or tracking people around the world,” and that “we will continue to monitor this technology to ensure it is safe and secure.”

Last week, the CBC reported that several companies in Canada were using “remote monitoring” systems that allow companies to remotely monitor and monitor the activity of employees.

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