Sun State Equipment Company (SunSST) announced it has partnered with Black Diamond, the world’s leading digital camera equipment manufacturer.

SunSST will supply the camera equipment needed for the SunDegree program, which is designed to help solar customers capture more of their images with less energy.

SunDegrees offer solar customers a discount on their equipment rental fees and equipment rental services.

SunDEGrees are available through all major major rental equipment companies, including H-E-B, Cabela’s, and other major rental companies.

The SunS ST announcement comes as SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) prepares to launch a new SolarCity SolarCity Energy platform for homeowners, businesses and individuals in a bid to increase the company’s ability to offer a comprehensive portfolio of energy-saving products.

SolarCity has said it will provide free access to the SunS Stands platform to homeowners, small businesses, individuals and small-business owners.

SunS ST is a collaboration between SunS Technologies Inc. (NASR:SSTY), SunS Technology, SunStar Solar, Sunstar Photovoltaic, SunSun Solar, SolarCity and Sunstar.

The SunS Stand is designed specifically for homeowners.

SunSTAR is an award-winning solar cell company that sells products to residential, commercial and industrial customers around the world.

SunStar is based in San Francisco, California and is a leading provider of solar cells and solar photovoltaics.

SunStars customers include:•Homeowners and small business owners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, South-East Asia, and parts of Asia.•Individuals and small businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

SunStands are also available through select retailers and service providers in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast.

SunCity and SolarCity are part of SunPower Corp. (NYSE:SPWR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SunTrust Banks Inc. SunPower is the world leader in rooftop solar technology.

SunCity is also a founding member of SunSource Energy, the largest solar installer in the country, with more than 1,200 solar customers.

SolarSource is a vertically integrated company focused on providing solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers in North America and the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

SolarSun is a privately held, vertically integrated solar panel manufacturing company.

The company is focused on manufacturing high-efficiency and affordable, energy-efficient solar panel systems.

SolarSmart is a manufacturer of high-performance solar panels and related solar devices for the residential and small commercial market.

SolarSmart designs, manufactures and markets solar energy and solar cell products, including high-performing solar panels, modules, solar arrays, solar chargers, inverters and other solar devices.

SolarSolarSmart was founded in 2009 and has grown to include a global network of more than 800 solar customers and over 3,000 solar-related patents.

SolarShare is a world leader and leader in the production of solar-derived solar cells for commercial and residential use.

SolarShare is one of the leading producers of solar cell materials, with the highest quality solar cells in the world, and solar cells available in the most popular solar-technology products, such as panels, inverts and solar chargings.

Solar Share offers a range of solar products, ranging from low-cost solar inverters to the highest-quality solar cells.

SolarShares offers a wide range of solutions for residential and large commercial customers, from the lowest cost solar inverter systems, to the best quality solar charger systems.

Solar Shares is one to watch for in the residential, business and commercial solar markets.

SolarWorld is a leader in residential solar panels for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

SolarWorld is the largest provider of residential solar panel products worldwide, with over 600,000 residential solar installations worldwide, and has over 8,000 full-service solar installation facilities.

SolarWorks is a full-scale solar panel factory in China.

SolarWaves is the leading supplier of residential PV-based inverters for residential, small commercial and commercial applications.

SolarWave is a worldwide leader in providing a wide variety of solar accessories for residential solar, including inverters, modules and accessories.

SolarWave products include inverters as well as solar cell accessories, as well a variety of specialized solar-power modules and solar-energy-storage systems.

Sunspot is a premier provider of energy solutions to the residential market in North and Central America, South Central America and Mexico.

SunSpot has more than 400,000 customer locations in more than 20 countries, and operates a network of over 3.5 million installations in the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe.

SunSun has a strong focus on energy efficiency and conservation through the creation of solar panels that


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