The American Cancer Society (ACS) has released a new campaign titled “Keep Your Eyes on Your Feet” that encourages people to wear gloves and make sure they are properly equipped.

The campaign was created by ACS President and CEO, Dr. William R. Brown, who recently announced the launch of an initiative to provide gloves to cancer patients.

In addition to a focus on gloves, ACS is launching a new “Keep It Simple” program that will focus on one simple message: gloves are necessary to treat cancer.

“We are committed to helping the people of this country who are suffering with cancer get the care they need.

But as with many important issues, this is not just about saving lives, but about keeping our eyes on our feet, not on our phones, not our computers, not in our homes,” Brown said.

As we reported, in October, ACS launched a new round of new products to help patients avoid the cost of chemotherapy.

Some of the new products include: The first set of gloves from ACS to be made available to patients will come in the next few weeks.

Patients who receive the gloves will be able to keep their hands clean, with the gloves worn at least twice a week for the first four weeks.

Once that period is up, the gloves are no longer being offered as a cost-saving measure.

And the ACS will be offering gloves to anyone who requests them to keep in mind the importance of hygiene, which is a common point of concern among people with cancer.


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