Savio has been busy over the past two months bringing a slew of fitness equipment to market.

The company, which is part of the global fitness and wellness sector, is aiming to bring its fitness products to the masses in the coming months, with its latest offering the Planet Fitness Gear.

The Planet Fitness Fitness Gear, as it’s known, will be the world’s largest fitness equipment range, with products ranging from cardio equipment to elliptical machines.

While Savio’s fitness products will be available through fitness and health clubs across the globe, the company is also hoping to reach more consumers through its website.

The Planet Fitness Shop will launch in the US, UK, France, Belgium, and Italy in November, with other countries to follow.

Savio said in a press release that the Planet fitness equipment will be a premium-priced option that will be made available via its website in November.

The product line will be geared towards “the average Joe or Jane” who wants to spend the majority of their time in a gym and are interested in spending more time outside.

According to the release, Savios fitness products include an elliptical machine, a stationary bike, a treadmill, a walking machine, and a range of exercise apparel.

The line will also include a range from workout apparel to equipment to be worn by children.

Savio hopes to bring the products to more markets through its online store, but said the company had yet to decide whether to start a retail presence in the USA.

The company, along with a number of other fitness brands, has been heavily involved in the health and fitness space in recent years, with companies such as The Mind Body Project, Fitbit, and Runkeeper.


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