NEW ORLEANS (AP) Landpros, the makers of the world’s largest landmine, are testing equipment to assist in firefighting in North Carolinias wildfire.

The company says it’s the first time the U.S. has sent landpro systems into an area where wildfires have raged in the past and said it hopes the testing will help in the coming days.

“These new tests are being done to help us get into areas where we’re seeing fire activity and we have some knowledge of what is happening,” Mark Rochat, a spokesman for Landpro, told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

Rochat said the testing is happening as part of a larger effort by the company to help fight wildfires in the state.

The tests are part of an effort to test and enhance firefighting equipment and training.

Landpro’s Firefighting and Emergency Management division has been testing landpro vehicles since the early 1990s and the latest test is expected to last up to two weeks, Rochas said.

The state of North Carolina has seen more than 1,000 wildfires since July.

The first test is part of the company’s effort to improve its technology to help prevent fires from spreading.

The new test is just one part of Landpro testing that will help the company better understand what is burning in the forest, Rachats office said.

The company is also testing how to reduce the risk of a fire in the next 24 hours to ensure there is enough fuel and water to fight the fire.

The latest tests were ordered by the U to help reduce the risks of fires that are burning in a forest that has been burned by multiple fires in the last month.

The testing is part to the company testing equipment and building the technology to reduce that risk, Ruchat said.

Ruchat wouldn’t say how much the testing cost.

It is unclear how many tests are required, although it’s unclear if it will cost more than $2 million.

Landpro is a unit of DuPont that makes the landmines that are used to create the deadly devices.

It was purchased by DuPont in 2013 and its production line is now located in the US.


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