How to return your Comcast internet service?

If your internet service provider refuses to send you your equipment, you can call Comcast for a refund.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get your equipment back.


Call Comcast.

Comcast says it’ll send you an email with a tracking number, so you can get the item back within a day or two.


Call back.

You’ll have to enter your email address into the Comcast customer service department.

This is a quick process, and you’ll be given a link to a web page to return the equipment.


Send a screenshot of your Comcast account showing the item in your account.

Make sure it’s a screenshot from the Comcast website, and don’t leave any other attachments on the website.


Fill out a form at the Comcast service department to request a refund, which can take a few days to process.


After you receive the form, send it to the address on your Comcast bill.

If you need assistance, call the customer service number and ask for help.

Comcast has no control over the return process.

You can only request a return if you want to, not if you can afford to pay.


You will have to provide your Comcast billing information.

For example, you’ll have the option to provide a credit card number.


The return process may take up to 24 hours, so it may take several days for your equipment to be returned.

This could take a little longer if you have a large number of returns.


Comcast does not refund the cost of the equipment in your return, which you will have paid for.

This means you may have to pay more for the equipment than if you returned it free.

If your return is a non-refundable service charge, you may not be able to get a refund for the costs associated with returning your equipment.


Comcast will charge you for the return, and may take out another charge of $15 or more to compensate you for any equipment lost or damaged.

Comcast may also add fees to your bill.


You may be charged additional fees for additional equipment that’s returned.

Some equipment returned to Comcast will cost $25 to $30 extra for the extra cost of returning the equipment, but you’ll get a full refund.


If Comcast charges you more for your return than you’d paid for the device, you have the right to dispute that claim at Comcast.


If the equipment is not returned to you, Comcast may take it to another provider and keep it.

If that happens, you must pay a nonrefunding service charge to the other provider.


Comcast also may deny your return request if Comcast believes that the equipment returned violated the terms of service.

This happens if the equipment has been in Comcast service for a long time, Comcast has had to repair it and the repairs have been made without any problems.

Comcast can deny your request if it believes the equipment violated Comcast’s terms of use or other Comcast policies.


If there’s no return on your end, Comcast can charge you another service charge for the remaining cost of your return.

The final cost of this charge will be determined by the amount of your bill that you owe Comcast.

You have the choice to dispute this charge and to pay the remaining charge to Comcast.


If a return is denied, the customer may not get any refund at all.

If this happens, your only recourse is to return to Comcast and file a claim.


If an employee does not follow up with you within 48 hours, you should call Comcast customer support.

This can be done by calling Customer Service at 1-800-222-2323 or by contacting your local Comcast customer representative.


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