Here’s a new way of saving money in Australia.

It’s called a dentist for the web.

The Australian Institute of Dental Research and Education (AIDRE) says its dental school students learn through the internet by using a computer program called DentalSchools.

DentalSchoolSoup, which is the brainchild of AIDRE president, Peter Deere, is based on a technology developed by US dentistry school, the California Institute of Technology, called the Internet of Dentistry.

But it’s not just a new tool for dentists.

Its the first online school for young people to teach dental school, says AIDre CEO Peter Devere.

“It’s a way of teaching young people how to understand how the dental industry works, to be able to compare their cost with other people’s costs and then to use that knowledge to make better dental decisions,” he said.

That’s what happened with the dental school in Queensland.

After seeing a video about dental school online, 17-year-old Emily Kwan went straight for it.

She says the idea has helped her to save more money on dental work.

When I was in school, I thought if you don’t know how to do your job, how am I going to learn?

Emily Kwann, Queensland student, 17″It was pretty scary,” she said.

“But it really has helped me.

I think it really helps me make decisions and to save a lot of money on my dental work.”

The internet was also a big help for her friend Sarah McBride, who was a year into her dental school.

Sarah said it was also great to have a dentist that was willing to teach her how to learn.

There’s also a dentist in Queensland that has been teaching dental school since 2015.

Dr Paul Poon, a dentist from Perth, was also part of the team that helped the school develop the tool.

He says the program is also a great learning tool.

“It allows the kids to see what they can do and then be able then to ask questions to the dentist,” Dr Poon said.

“It’s also really good for people like myself who are trying to get into dentistry to know what I’m doing, because that’s my primary motivation.”

Sarah says she has always been passionate about her education, and it’s helped her make good dental decisions.

“I think my desire to do well, I think has been an indicator that my dental school has really been a good one,” she explained.

What’s next?

AIDRe has set up its own website for the dental program, which has been in use since 2017.

To learn more about the program, visit



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