Geely has unveiled a new commercial food service unit, the commercial kitchen, in the UK.

The unit has been developed by the company’s engineering department and will provide a new way for customers to cook meals in the future.

“Our customers have asked us what they want to cook with and we have been asking them to imagine a kitchen where food is prepared in a way that is comfortable and that they can actually share with friends,” Geely commercial kitchen director, Steve Evans, told the BBC.

“So we decided to make this kitchen and give it a little bit of an update and take the challenge on.”

Mr Evans said the new kitchen will be based on existing commercial kitchen technology, with the goal of bringing the same level of comfort to all customers.

“We want to make the most of the new technology and bring it to the commercial market,” he said.

“It’s going to be quite a big change, but the main focus is on getting the most out of it.”

The new commercial kitchens will also be available for customers outside the UK, with an estimated delivery of 100,000 units, which means the product will be ready for a global rollout.

Geely’s commercial kitchen has been in development for a number of years and is now expected to be available by the end of the year.

It is being produced by Geely Design in Woking, Surrey.

“This commercial kitchen is a significant investment for Geely as it will be able to offer customers a whole new experience in the kitchen, while maintaining our existing industrial processes and quality,” Mr Evans added.

Geeks and Geeks Geely announced the commercial kitchens would be available on the Geely website for a limited time, and customers can also order the units via the company website.

“Geely Design is pleased to be able in partnership with the commercial chef team at Geely to deliver this exciting new commercial space,” Geeks & Geeks co-founder and chief executive Simon Johnson said in a statement.

“The commercial kitchen at Geebles Commercial Kitchen is an exciting innovation that combines the comfort and convenience of a kitchen with the performance and flexibility of a food service kitchen.”

It is not clear how long the new unit will be available, but Mr Evans confirmed it was likely to be ready by the beginning of 2018.

Geeks commercial kitchen unit is a new look, and that is exciting, Geely Commercial Kitchen director Steve Evans told the Radio Times.

The commercial kitchen will feature an advanced, ergonomic design, which is meant to be a comfortable and functional way to prepare food, Mr Evans explained.

It will also feature a range of appliances including the microwave, electric grill, griddle, stoves, broiler and electric oven.

The new kitchen is expected to sell for between £9,995 and £12,995, with each unit containing a range for cooking up to seven courses.

Gyeos commercial kitchen units will be a big step forward for the Geebies kitchen.

“A big step for us, but also for the customer, is to deliver a commercial kitchen that really feels like an industrial kitchen,” Mr Johnson said.

“We’re hoping that we can deliver this commercial kitchen for £995 and £1300, which will be our first commercial kitchen and the first commercial commercial kitchen in the world,” he added.


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